Ballerina now includes support for AWS Lambda

Starting with Ballerina 0.990.3, we have included support for AWS Lambda, an event-driven, serverless computing platform provided by Amazon. By including this new support, users can quickly deploy Ballerina functions as AWS Lambda functions. This has been implemented as a Ballerina compiler extension, which processes a special annotation that is attached to a Ballerina function. The following video presents a brief walkthrough of the new integration.



To learn more about a complete scenario that utilises Ballerina and AWS Lambda functions, refer to this Ballerina by Guide (BBG). The guide discusses how to build a Ballerina-based AWS Lambda function, which picks up events for uploading new images to an S3 bucket, and integrate specific cloud services for further processing.

The new Ballerina by Example (BBE) includes commented examples that cover every nuance of the syntax, as well our documentation.

As the language is still being improved, feedback on Stack Overflow, Slack, the mailing list, or GitHub is most welcome. To learn more about the language and growing Ballerina community, visit Learn and